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Children of all abilities should see themselves in the books they read. That's what makes reading fun. There are many picture books that include characters with disabilities; some are excellent in terms of their portrayal of these characters, some are pretty good, and some miss the mark. This blog features these picture books and evaluates them based on standards for quality in children's books that portray characters with disabilities. For more information, see the first post entitled "Welcome to Picture Books for All." (Click here) Welcome to Picture Books For All

Friday, October 12, 2012

Book #7 Zoom!

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Name of Book:
Very funny; chaotic family; far-out action
Robert Munsch
Michael Martchenko
Scholastic Canada Ltd.

Year of Pub:

ISBN:     (ISBN-13)

Age range

Type of Disability
Not important to story
Fiction or Nonfiction
Category:  D

A) books that provide factual information about a disability

B) books that provide information about a disability in a story format in which the character with a disability is integral to the plot

C) books that provide stories that have a character with a disability who may or may not be integral to the storyline and who has been added to the story to achieve diversity and reflect reality

D) books that include a main character with a disability but whose focus is not necessarily the disability

Annotation: Main character would like a faster wheelchair. She and mom go to pick one out from the wheelchair store. She speeds around in it and has a grand time but becomes bored and wants an even faster wheelchair. She gets one, and when her older brother cuts his finger, she straps him on her lap and speeds out the door to the hospital. She gets stopped for speeding but explains the situation to the police officer, who then provides an escort the rest of the way. Main character enjoys her heroine status and gets rewarded with . . . the newest, fastest, spiffiest wheelchair for sale. Illustrations are cartoon-like and add to the humor. Very fun!
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http://www.amazon.com/Zoom-Robert-Munsch/dp/0439187745  Scroll down for reviews from School Library Journal and Booklist;

Please comment if you know of an award this book has received.

Standards for Quality Portrayal of Characters with a disability
1. Promotes empathy not pity
Readers identify with main character.
2. Promotes acceptance, not ridicule

3. Emphasizes success rather than, or in addition to failure
Main character saves the day.
4. Promotes positive images of persons with disabilities or illness
Humor makes the character.
5. Assists children in gaining accurate understanding of the disability or illness
The nature of the disability is not relevant in this story.
6. Demonstrates respect for persons with disabilities or illness

7. Promotes attitude of “one of us” not “one of them.”
8. Uses people-first language
9. Describes the disability or person with disabilities or illness as realistic (not subhuman or superhuman)
10. Depicts people with disabilities as more similar to than different from other people
Character wants speed and adventure.
11. Shows peoples’ strengths and abilities along with their disabilities
12. Represents characters as strong, independent people who others can admire or learn from
Character knows what she wants and how to get it. She is also savvy and creative.
13. Represents people with disabilities from different racial and cultural backgrounds, religions, age groups, and sexual orientations
Characters are white
14. Shows people with disabilities in integrated settings and activities

15. Shows people with disabilities in valued occupations and diverse roles.

16. Shows people with disabilities in reciprocal relationships
17. Main character develops and grows emotionally as a result of what happens in the story
Main character develops in that her ambitions for her wheelchair keep getting bigger.

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  1. Holly, I enjoyed reading your blog. I think it is a great resource for parents and teachers. I am a big fan of Robert Munsch books and can't wait to read Zoom!