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Children of all abilities should see themselves in the books they read. That's what makes reading fun. There are many picture books that include characters with disabilities; some are excellent in terms of their portrayal of these characters, some are pretty good, and some miss the mark. This blog features these picture books and evaluates them based on standards for quality in children's books that portray characters with disabilities. For more information, see the first post entitled "Welcome to Picture Books for All." (Click here) Welcome to Picture Books For All

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Articles Worth Reading

In my introductory post on June 5, 2012, I wrote: "I plan to post articles on topics related to inclusiveness, differences in abilities, cultural diversity, children's literature, and new interesting research in related areas." 

Today, a few days before Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the year for Jews all over the world and the day that Jews atone for their wrongdoings, I was sent this article. It highlights the importance of inclusiveness for children and parents alike. It is an important article detailing one Jewish family's experience. But it is universal in that people of all faiths and cultures could, and most probably do, find themselves in very similar situations. 


May it be an inclusive year for all!

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  1. Great article. We often forget just how much kids with disabilities miss out on simply because groups and organizations are not equipped to accommodate them. Parents are constantly having to advocate for their kids in all walks of life and you'd think that a house of worship would be eager to do all it can to include everyone! D. Brown